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Feuillet presentation, San Diego, 8 January 2016

Published: 01/25/2016 01:04 pm

Catherine Feuillet, IWGSC leadership team member, presented a progress report for the IWGSC at the Wheat initiative Research Committee on 8 January 2016 in San Diego , USA.

Stein presentation, Berlin, 2 December 2015

Published: 12/03/2015 11:12 am

Nils Stein, IWGSC Coordinating Committee member, presented the German project WHEATSEQ aimed at providing high quality reference sequences for wheat chromosomes 6A and 2D.

Resource for members: updated IWGSC chromosomes with flags slide

Published: 03/31/2015 02:50 pm

This slide reflects the status, as of January 2016, for both the physical maps and the reference sequencing projects. Please use this version for all communications and presentations.

Eversole presentation, Clermont-Ferrand, 16 November 2015

Published: 12/11/2015 02:40 pm

Kellye Eversole, IWGSC Executive Director, presented an update on the IWGSC activities at the International Wheat Innovation Workshop that took place in Clermont‐Ferrand (France) on 16 November 2015

Caugant presentation, Olomouc, 23 september 2015

Published: 09/29/2015 11:15 am

Isabelle Caugant, IWGSC Communications Officer, presented the IWGSC history, strategy and projects, as well as an overview of the IWGSC communication tools.

Rogers presentation, Milan, 4 June 2015

Published: 06/04/2015 10:30 pm

Jane Rogers, IWGSC deputy director, presented a progress report for the IWGSC at the Wheat initiative Research Committee on 4 June 2015 in Milan, Italy.

Berthe presentation, ISF, Kraków, Poland, 27 May 2015

Published: 06/04/2015 09:41 am

Grégoire Berthe, IWGSC Coordinationg Committee member, presented the IWGSC, the Wheat Initiative and the Breadwheat project at the International Seed Federation World Seed Congress in Kraków, Poland on 25 May 2015.

Bayer Crop Science Presentation, Ghent, 12 February 2015

Published: 02/25/2015 08:28 am

Kellye Eversole, IWGSC Executive Director, presented the IWGSC strategy to obtain a high quality reference sequence and provided an update on the latest results in a seminar she gave at Bayer Crop Science.

Keygene presentation, Wageningen, 6 February 2015

Published: 02/11/2015 03:21 pm

Members of the leadership teams of IWGSC and Keygene met to discuss future efforts for securing the remaining funding for obtaining the high quality sequence.

Eversole presentation, Wernigerode, 4 July 2014

Published: 10/06/2014 03:26 pm

Kellye Eversole presentation at EUCARPIA-ITMI conference "Cereals for Food, Feed and Fuel – Challenge for Global Improvement" Wernigerode, Germany, 4 July 2014