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Webinar: Extending the Curio Genomics Platform for the Wheat Research Community; DNA Sequences to Analysis Results

Curio Webinar

On 30 April 2020, the IWGS organized a Webinar in collaboration with Curio Genomics entitled "Extending the Curio Genomics Platform for the Wheat Research Community; DNA Sequences to Analysis Results", presented by Shawn Quinn, CTO at Curio Genomics

Click on the image to watch a recording of the webinar (YouTube external link)


The publication of the IWGSC wheat genome reference and related annotations has unleashed new opportunities for researchers seeking to address critical global challenges to develop more productive and resilient crops in a time of climate changes and further population growth. However, with traditional tools, the bioinformatics analysis of NGS sample data sequenced from this genome proves challenging due to its large size, 85% repeating sequences, and allopolyploid nature.

In this webinar we will present how we overcame the challenges of read mapping (both for DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq libraries) and read alignment visualization when dealing with the "large chromosome" complexity of the wheat genome. Additionally, we will demonstrate a novel approach to variant calling, coverage analysis, and gene expression calculation in allopolyploid species, along with the dynamic incorporation of the IWGSC reference and annotation sets. We will leverage several research examples developed, using the Curio Genomics platform, in collaboration with other IWGSC members, to highlight powerful interpretive results and data visualizations, including an approach for filtering by predicted biological consequence as part of a variant analysis of one or more samples.

Presented by:

Shawn Quinn
Chief Technology Officer
Curio Genomics