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Program of IWGSC workshop at PAG 2018

The IWGSC scientific workshop at PAG 2018 took place on Saturday 13 January 2018 from 8:00 to 10:10 am. The workshop included a presentation of first high quality, annotated reference genome of bread wheat, IWGSC RefSeq. The 21 pseudomolecules include a significant number of anchored markers providing a direct link between reference and important agronomic traits. With RefSeq available to scientists over the past 18 months, significant advances have been made. The workshop included talks that highlight some of these. We also heard a talk that describes the worldwide phylogeography and history of genetic diversity of wheat, a precursor work to developing a pan-genome. As usual, the workshop also included a talk by an IWGSC Early Career Award recipient. This is given to a young scientist nominated by anyone in the wheat community and selected by the IWGSC leadership as recognition of outstanding achievement.

International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium Workshop

Plant & Animal Genome XXVI

San Diego, CA, USA

Room: Town and Country

Saturday 13 January 2018, 8:00 am to 10:10 am

Program Details

Organizers: Sébastien Praud and Kellye Eversole

8:00 am: Fred Choulet, INRA GDEC. The Reference Sequence for the Bread Wheat Genome. ( Abstract )

8:30 am: Katie Liberatore, USDA-ARS Cereal Disease Laboratory. Development of Genetic and Genomic Resources to Evaluate Wheat Organellar Genome Variants and Their Functional Implication. ( Abstract ) - ( Slides )

8:50 am: Joanna Melonek, The University of Western Australia. Characterisation of the Pentatricopeptide Repeat Protein Family in the Wheat IWGSC Refseq v1.0 Reference Genome. ( Abstract )

9:10 am: Miroslav Valárik, Institute of Experimental Botany. Map-Based Cloning of Powdery Mildew Resistance QTL Introgressed to Bread Wheat from the Timopheevi Group Reveals a Highly Divergent Region with Suppressed Recombination Containing a Cluster of NLR Gene Homologue. ( Abstract ) - ( Slides )

9:30 am: Clemence Marchal, John Innes Centre. Hunting Yellow Rust Resistance Genes in Bread Wheat. ( Abstract )

9:50 am: Etienne Paux, INRA GDEC. Worldwide Phylogeography and History of Wheat Genetic Diversity. ( Abstract )