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Clemence Marchal

Clemence Marchal

Clemence Marchal will present her work on the yellow rust resistance genes at the IWGSC workshop at PAG .

Current position 

PhD student
Crop Genetics
John Innes Centre
Norwich, UK

Research Interest

Clemence is interested in plant-pathogen interactions at the molecular level. Her work focuses on R-genes, which are the plant immune receptors that recognize the effector proteins from the pathogens and trigger the defense responses. Identifying these key actors and understanding the mechanism underlying the resistance will help designing strategies for genetic disease control in agricultural systems.

Current Projects

Clemence current project combines different NGS techniques to clone yellow rust resistance genes in bread wheat. This will allow gene-specific marker development to assist their selection in breeding programs and will help understanding the relationship between resistance genes that are genetically closely linked.

PAG talk

Saturday 13 January 9:30am
Hunting Yellow Rust Resistance Genes in Bread Wheat .


Department of Crop Genetics, John Innes Center