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Katie Liberatore

Katie Liberatore

Katie Liberatore will present her work on wheat organellar genomes and their functional implications at the IWGSC workshop at PAG

Current position 

Research Molecular Biologist/Postdoctoral Associate
Cereal Rust Bulletin, editor-in-chief
USDA-ARS Cereal Disease Laboratory
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN, USA

Research Interest

Katie has broad interests in understanding novel genetic mechanisms underlying plant developmental and stress response pathways. Her current work utilizes model and crop systems to investigate the often-overlooked contributions of organellar (mitochondria and plastid) genomes in complex plant traits. She is interested in characterizing mechanisms of interaction among the organellar and nuclear genomes and improving our understanding of how the organellar “signaling hubs” integrate genetic and environmental signals. She aims to harness organellar genetic diversity and nuclear-cytoplasmic interactions to improve agronomic traits.

Current Projects

  • Assembly and comparative analyses of organellar genomes from the Triticum-Aegilops complex
  • Identifying and characterizing nuclear-cytoplasmic genetic interactions and their functional implications in small grains (wheat, oat, and Brachypodium distachyon)
  • Quantitative trait locus mapping of domestication and disease resistance traits in wheat
  • Developing cereal rust precision phenotyping techniques

PAG talk

Saturday 13 January 8:30am
Development of Genetic and Genomic Resources to Evaluate Wheat Organellar Genome Variants and Their Functional Implication


Cereal Disease Laboratory