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News Release: IWGSC to receive €1 million from Bayer CropScience to enable completion of physical maps in 2014.

Published: 01/24/2014 03:43 pm

The IWGSC announced today that it will receive €1 million (Euros) from Bayer CropScience. The contribution will enable completion of physical maps for all 21 bread wheat chromosomes in 2014.

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Meetings and Workshops

IWGSC Workshop, Yokohama, Japan September 2013

Published: 09/03/2013 10:49 pm

The IWGSC held a scientific workshop in conjunction with the International Wheat Genetics Symposium (IWGS) meeting in Yokohama, Japan. The workshop was held at the PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, Symposium: Annex Hall.

IWGSC Workshop at ITMI 2012

Published: 02/07/2012 08:40 pm

The IWGSC held a scientific workshop on 24 June 2012 in conjunction with the 22nd International Triticeae Mapping Initiative (ITMI) and 4th National Wheat Genomics Committee Joint Workshop in Fargo, North Dakota at the Ramada Plaza Suites & Convention Center in Fargo.

IWGSC Workshops and Meetings at PAG 2012

Published: 01/12/2012 04:54 pm

The IWGSC held two workshops and a business meeting at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference XX.

Physical mapping standard protocol workshop

Published: 04/16/2010 04:04 pm

On 12 January 2010, the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) organized a workshop to develop and discuss protocols and standards for the physical mapping of the hexaploid wheat genome and develop a consensus. In addition, the workshop surveyed the sequencing efforts undertaken within the consortium to coordinate the studies carried out in member laboratories. The goal was to ensure homogeneity in the procedures used for constructing the wheat physical maps by providing guidelines developed in expert laboratories and distributing these to the groups participating in the physical mapping and sequencing of bread wheat chromosomes under the auspice of the IWGSC.A workshop report can be found in the Annual Wheat Newsletter 2010 (Vol 56) at http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/ggpages/awn/56/TEXTFILES/IWGSC.pdf

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General reports

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