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Clemence Marchal

Published: 11/30/2017 05:40 pm

Clemence Marchal will present her work on the yellow rust resistance genes at the IWGSC workshop at PAG .

Fred Choulet

Published: 11/29/2017 09:20 pm

Fred Choulet will present the IWGSC Reference Genome Sequence at the IWGSC workshop at PAG .

Program of IWGSC workshop at PAG 2018

Published: 11/29/2017 06:03 pm

The IWGSC scientific workshop at PAG 2018 took place on Saturday 13 January 2018 from 8:00 to 10:10 am. The workshop included a presentation of first high quality, annotated reference genome of bread wheat, IWGSC RefSeq. The 21 pseudomolecules include a significant number of anchored markers providing a direct link between reference and important agronomic traits. With RefSeq available to scientists over the past 18 months, significant advances have been made. The workshop included talks that highlight some of these. We also heard a talk that describes the worldwide phylogeography and history of genetic diversity of wheat, a precursor work to developing a pan-genome. As usual, the workshop also included a talk by an IWGSC Early Career Award recipient. This is given to a young scientist nominated by anyone in the wheat community and selected by the IWGSC leadership as recognition of outstanding achievement.

Publication: A modern Green Revolution gene for reduced height in wheat

Published: 11/10/2017 06:16 pm

A Plant Journal publication on the characterization of Rht24, a major reduced height loci on chromosome 6A, showing the relevance of this height-reducing gene in wheat worldwide, with commercial relevance in wheat breeding.

Eucarpia Cereal/IWIW2 joint meeting 2018

Published: 11/07/2017 06:03 pm

The next Eucarpia Cereal section meeting, jointly organised with the 2nd International Wheat Innovation Workshop, will be held in Clermont-Ferrand (France) from the 19th to 22th of March, 2018.

Joanna Melonek

Published: 11/06/2017 07:58 pm

Joanna Melonek was awarded an IWGSC Early Career Award and received her award at the Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG) in San Diego, California (USA) in January 2018.

Joanna also received a travel stipend that allowed her to travel to the PAG conference to present a talk during the IWGSC main workshop on Saturday 13 January 2018.

Postdoctoral positions at Montana State University

Published: 10/19/2017 09:56 pm

Postdoctoral positions are available for highly motivated Ph.D. to work on "wheat and barley genome sequencing”.

PhD position at John Innes Centre, UK

Published: 10/13/2017 04:33 pm

Safeguarding our daily bread from wheat blast

Wheats&Women International Conference - Call for abstracts

Published: 09/27/2017 05:23 pm

The Wheats&Women International Conference will take place in Rome, Italy, on 14 & 15 June 2018.

Abstracts for oral presentations are accepted until 31 October 2017.

PAG 2018 first announcement

Published: 09/14/2017 01:56 am

The IWGSC will hold two workshops at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXVI , 13-17 January 2018, San Diego, CA, US.