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PAG 2018 Poster

Published: 01/24/2018 07:27 pm

Poster presented by the IWGSC at the Plant and Animal Genome XXVI Conference (13-17 January 2018 - San Diego, CA, USA)

PAG 2018 Pictures

Published: 01/24/2018 07:06 pm

The IWGSC organized two workshops and held a business meeting/celebration at the 2018 PAG Conference in San Diego.

Check out the pictures here on Flickr.

IWGSC Newsletter – September 2017 to 09 January 2018

Published: 01/10/2018 12:39 am

Welcome to the IWGSC newsletter No3/2017

Cristobal Uauy

Published: 01/08/2018 05:11 pm

Cristobal Uauy is a Project Leader in the Department of Crop Genetics at the John Innes Centre in the United Kingdom. His research is focused on using genetics and genomics to identify genes involved in wheat productivity traits – such as grain size and shape, pre-harvest sprouting, and resistance to the wheat yellow rust pathogen. With his team, he aims to understand the mechanisms by which these genes function and to translate this knowledge into improved wheat varieties for growers, industry, and consumers.

Fred Van Ex

Published: 12/18/2017 11:11 pm

Fred Van Ex will talk about using deep learning methods to understand wheat genomics data at the IWGSC Standard and Protocols workshop at PAG.

Program of IWGSC Standard & Protocols workshop at PAG 2018

Published: 12/11/2017 05:30 pm

The IWGSC Standards and Protocols workshop at PAG 2018 took place on Tuesday 16 January 2018 from 1:30 to 5:10 pm. The workshop focused on the annotation and curation of the hexaploid bread wheat reference genome sequence.

Katie Liberatore

Published: 12/08/2017 06:10 pm

Katie Liberatore will present her work on wheat organellar genomes and their functional implications at the IWGSC workshop at PAG

Etienne Paux

Published: 12/07/2017 07:40 pm

Etienne Paux will talk about the worldwide phylogeography and history of genetic diversity of wheat at the IWGSC workshop at PAG .

Clemence Marchal

Published: 11/30/2017 05:40 pm

Clemence Marchal will present her work on the yellow rust resistance genes at the IWGSC workshop at PAG .

Fred Choulet

Published: 11/29/2017 09:20 pm

Fred Choulet will present the IWGSC Reference Genome Sequence at the IWGSC workshop at PAG .