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New books: Achieving sustainable cultivation of wheat (Vol 1&2)

The IWGSC is pleased to announce the publication of two reference books on wheat, focused on ways to improve wheat cultivation at each step of the value chain, from breeding to post-harvest storage.

The IWGSC Leadership team contributed to a chapter in Volume 1 on " Sequencing and assembly of the wheat genome ".

Achieving sustainable cultivation of wheat vol. I: Breeding, quality traits, pests and diseases reviews research in wheat breeding and quality traits, as well as diseases and pests and their management.

Part 1 reviews advances in understanding of wheat physiology and genetics and how this has informed developments in breeding, including developing varieties with desirable traits such as drought tolerance. The IWGSC leadership team (Kellye Eversole, Jane Rogers, Beat Keller, Rudi Appels and Catherine Feuillet) wrote the chapter "Sequencing and assembly of the wheat genome".

Part 2 discusses aspects of nutritional and processing quality.

Part 3 cover research on key wheat diseases and their control as well as the management of insect pests and weeds.

Achieving sustainable cultivation of wheat vol. II: Cultivation techniques reviews research in improving cultivation techniques.

Part 1 reviews topics such as variety selection, seed and root growth, water and nutrient management.

Part 2 goes on to discuss broader issues such as sustainable intensification and organic cultivation.

Part 3 covers ways of improving wheat cultivation in the developing world.

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