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IWGSC becomes a member of DivSeek

IWGSC becomes a member of DivSeek

The International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium is pleased to announce that it has joined the DivSeek initiative .

DivSeek is a community driven effort consisting of a diverse set of partner organizations from across the globe. DivSeekā€™s aim is to unlock the potential of crop diversity so that it can be utilized to enhance the productivity, sustainability and resilience of crops and agricultural systems. The mission of DivSeek is to enable breeders and researchers to mobilize a vast range of plant genetic variation to accelerate the rate of crop improvement and furnish food and agricultural products to the growing human population.

DivSeek works with partners and other researchers and organizations to develop and share methodologies, open-source software tools, and best practices to facilitate the generation, integration, and sharing of data and information related to plant genetic resources.

With changing climates and increasing demand for food, feed, and fiber, it is critically important to provide breeders with the resources and tools to bring greater genetic diversity into elite varieties. In the framework of the IWGSC Wheat Diversity project, being a member DivSeek will allow us to align our efforts to expand the diversity in cultivated wheat varieties.

The IWGSC Wheat Diversity project aims at capturing the breadth of worldwide wheat diversity. Eight to twelve landraces will be sequenced at reference quality level and additional lines, including elite varieties, will be sequenced at draft quality to obtain a haplotype database of ancient and modern wheat genetic diversity.