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New physical map data publicly available at URGI

The latest additions are physical maps for chromosome arms 2BS , 2BL , 2DS , 2DL , 4BS , 4BL , 5BL , and 5DL that were produced thanks to a €1 million support grant from Bayer CropScience. The new maps have been generated using Whole Genome Profiling (WGPTM) carried out by KeyGene (The Netherlands) and were assembled with LTC by Zeev Frenkel and Abraham Korol (MultiQTL, Israel). The physical maps have links to the BAC WGP tag sequences used in their construction and all data are publicly available.

With this latest update, URGI now has physical maps data publicly available for 32 chromosomes or chromosome arms and a preliminary assignment of mapped contigs to chromosomes 1D, 4D and 6D that were fingerprinted as a single project. Physical maps of 3A and 7DL will be added shortly.