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New wheat genome assembly available at TGAC

New wheat genome assembly available at TGAC

The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) announced recently that it has made available a new assembly of the wheat genome.
The IWGSC welcomes the production of additional resources ahead of the completion of the full reference sequence, anticipated for 2018. This latest assembly provides an incremental improvement to the genic information currently available to breeders and researchers.

Taking advantage of recent improvements in high throughput sequencing technologies, the new assembly from TGAC builds on the IWGSC chromosome survey sequence to assign improved gene sequences assembled from whole genome sequencing to individual wheat chromosomes.

With this new resource, it will be easier to define the structures of genes and the sequences that surround them, which often have a role in their regulation. The challenge remains, however, to order all of this information along each of the chromosomes to support the identification and isolation of genes and regulatory elements underlying agronomically important traits in bread wheat.

Towards this end, the IWGSC will continue to pursue the physical map-based sequencing of individual chromosomes, such as the recently completed 3B chromosome to (1) provide an efficient link between genetic maps and the draft sequences; and (2) achieve a reference sequence comparable in quality to that of the rice genome gold standard. The TGAC gene assemblies and all other future efforts that deliver genomic resources for bread wheat will be integrated by the IWGSC into the final gold standard wheat genome sequence.