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PAG 2015 Pictures

PAG 2015 Pictures

IWGSC kicked off its 10-year anniversary with workshops, celebrations, and awards at the Plant & Animal Genome Conference XXIII (PAG).

Check out the pictures here on Flickr.

More than 1,000 scientists attended the IWGSC’s main workshop on the 10th of January. IWGSC executive director, K Eversole, opened the session and the scientific presentations began with IWGSC co-chair, J Dvorak, UC, Davis. Four of the IWGSC co-chairs were in attendance at the workshop and it provided an opportunity to snap a photo of the co-chairs with the workshop speakers.

At its 10th annual business meeting held at PAG, the IWGSC celebrated, gave away commemorative t-shirts, and presented early career and leadership awards. R Ramirez was presented the IWGSC’s Early Career Award. J Rogers and K Mayer each received IWGSC Leadership Awards for their work in leading the IWGSC Survey Sequencing Initiative which culminated in a publication in Science in 2014. Certificates of appreciation for 10 years of service were also presented to the IWGSC co-chairs (R Appels, J Dvorak, C Feuillet, B Gill present; in absentia to Y Ogihara and B Keller) and the executive director (K Eversole). During the celebration, C Feuillet described the history of the IWGSC and the preceding work that enabled the launch of the consortium. There was also an opportunity for each participant to write on the IWGSC timeline any events of personal significance to him/her. Stay tuned for the publication of the IWGSC community created timeline.

The last official event at PAG was the Standards & Protocols workshop.