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IWGSC Newsletter – January to March 2018

Welcome to the IWGSC newsletter No1/2018


  • Membership: As of Dec 2017, the IWGSC had 2100 members, working in 610 institutes/companies in 64 countries. Check out the map .
  • Sponsors: Currently, the IWGSC has 13 sponsors . Sponsor support is essential to ensure continuation of Phase II activities. Please inform us if you know of any potential sponsors (research institutes, universities, governmental agencies, or companies).
  • Phase II: In January, the Coordinating Committee (CC) approved these Phase II activities:
    • IWGSC Exome Array based on the reference sequence (Task Force: Burkhard Steuernagel, Sreya Ghosh, Sébastien Praud, Hikmet Budak, Etienne Paux, Ute Baumann and Kellye Eversole)
    • Wheat pan-genome based on de novo sequencing and assembly of multiple wheat genomes (landraces and elite varieties) that cover the breadth of wheat diversity (Leaders: Sébastien Praud, Etienne Paux, and Kellye Eversole)
    • IWGSC Gold Standard: maintenance, updates, and integration of manual and functional annotation to the reference sequence (Leaders: Rudi Appels, Fred Choulet, and Kellye Eversole)
      • A new component of achieving the Gold Standard is the exploration of deep learning approaches for functionally annotation of the reference sequence. (Task Force: Fred van Ex, Xi Wang, Ken Heyndrickx, Wesley De Neve, Kellye Eversole, Yvan Saeys, and Fred Choulet)
    • User-friendly, integrated databases and tools to benefit public breeders and the full range of industry partners, from SME to large companies (Task Force: Fred van Ex, Magalie Leveugle, Matthieu Conte, Michael Alaux, and Kellye Eversole)


  • An analysis of the reference wheat genome sequence (IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 and annotation v1.1) has been submitted to a journal and is under review; a number of companion papers have been or will be submitted soon to several journals. All data are being made available before publication for download and BLAST at the IWGSC Repository hosted by URGI in accordance with the Toronto Agreement under which the IWGSC reserves the right to publish the first global analyses of the data. For specific access terms, see the IWGSC General Data Access agreement . All data will be made available without restriction upon publication of the IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 paper.
  • IWGSC Exome Array project: The IWGSC has teamed up with Arbor Biosciences to develop an IWGSC exome array based on the IWGSC RefSEq annotation v1.1. In order to ensure that the exome array is designed in a way useful for everybody’s need, the IWGSC is circulating a brief survey in the wheat community. The deadline to complete the survey is 15 April.





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