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IWGSC Newsletter – September 2018 to 10 January 2019

Welcome to the IWGSC newsletter No3/2018


  • Membership: As of the end of 2018, the IWGSC had 2400 members in 68 countries.
  • Sponsors: Currently, the IWGSC has 10 sponsors . Sponsor support is essential to ensure continuation of Phase II activities. Please inform us if you know of any potential sponsors (research institutes, universities, governmental agencies, or companies).


  • IWGSC RefSeq Impact: During 2018, IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 was included in more than 250 published papers. Stay tuned for the final numbers!
  • IWGSC Exome Array project: The IWGSC has teamed up with Arbor Biosciences to develop an IWGSC exome array based on the IWGSC RefSEq annotation v1.1. The exome kit design is now complete and will be released shortly. Arbor Biosciences will be on hand at the IWGSC business meeting at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference to discuss the array (see “Meetings/Workshops” section below for details).
  • Wheat pan-genome based on de novo sequencing and assembly of multiple wheat genomes (landraces and elite varieties) that cover the breadth of wheat diversity. IWGSC Gold Standard: maintenance, annotation updates, and integration of manual and functional annotation to the reference sequence. Finishing the reference and integrating manual and functional annotation remain critical to long-term utility of the wheat genome sequence.
  • Gene Family leaders: To facilitate high quality functional annotation, the IWGSC is seeking experts willing to take the lead in the functional annotation of gene families in wheat.
  • User-friendly, integrated databases and tools to benefit public breeders and the full range of industry partners, from SME to large companies. If you think something is missing in the IWGSC databases or toolbox, please contact Michael Alaux, and Kellye Eversole.

Note: IWGSC projects will be front and center in the discussions during the Plant and Animal Genome Conference workshops and business meetings.



  • 12-16 January 2018: The IWGSC will organize two workshops and a business meeting at PAG San Diego, USA
    • Saturday 12 January, 8:00 to 10:10 am, Town and Country: IWGSC workshop , organized by Hikmet Budak and Kellye Eversole.
    • Saturday 12 January, 6:20 to 8:30 pm, Pacific Salon 4-5: Business meeting
      • Agenda: IWGSC Leadership: Presentation of IWGSC Leadership Awards
      • Jacob Enk, Arbor Biosciences: IWGSC/Arbor Biosciences Exome Array
      • Identification of gene family leaders for manual and functional annotation
      • Identification of individuals working on gene cloning or marker development on RefSeq
      • Michael Alaux: Discussion on how to provide updated gene annotations for inclusion in IWGSC RefSeq annotation v2.0.
    • Tuesday 15 January, 1:30 to 5:30 pm, Pacific Salon 2: IWGSC Wheat Genome Manual and Functional Annotation Functional Annotation workshop , organized by Rudi Appels and Ute Baumann.

Important notice regarding the 15 January IWGSC workshop at PAG: Several of the scheduled speakers for the workshop are US government employees and because of the shutdown of the Federal government, these speakers are no longer able to participate. Please check the IWGSC website or the PAG meeting application for revised speaker times.


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