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Press releases

IWGSC official press release

In English: Genetic blueprint of bread wheat genome unveiled

IWGSC PR Science 64.45 kB


PR Science Czech 74.70 kB
PR Science Chinese 114.51 kB
PR Science Hebrew 121.33 kB

Press releases from IWGSC members

Academy of Sciences (CZ) - IPK Gatersleben (DE) - TGAC (UK) - James Hutton Institute (UK) - Helmholtz Zentrum M√ľnchen (DE) - University of Saskatchewan (CA) - University of Zurich (CH) - Genomic Research Centre (IT) - National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (JP) - Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NO) - Punjab Agricultural University (IN)

Press release from INRA (France) about the publication of the reference sequence of chromosome 3B in the same special issue of Science.