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7DL physical map

Targeted chromosomes

Click on a chromosome to access associated data (when available) at URGI Sequences Repository.

Project team

First nameLast nameEmailInstitutionCountry
Xiaojun Nie smallSPAMFILTER@nwsuaf.edu.cn Northwest A&F University China
Xianghong DU xianghongduSPAMFILTER@nwsuaf.edu.cn Northwest A&F University China
Le Wang arvin_geniusSPAMFILTER@yahoo.com.cn Northwest A&F University China

Project collaborators

First nameLast nameEmailInstitutionCountry
Jaroslav Dolezel dolezelSPAMFILTER@ueb.cas.cz IEB Czech Republic
Rudi Appels rappelsSPAMFILTER@murdoch.edu.au Murdoch University Australia
Ming-Cheng Luo mcluoSPAMFILTER@ucdavis.edu University of California, Davis USA

Project funding

Czech Science Foundation funded the BAC library of 7DL. Northwest A&F University of China has funded the rest of the project.


Wheat genomic information, including physical maps, is of great importance to both theoretical studies and breeding efforts in China and world-wide. Northwest A&F University , Yangling , China , with a renowned history in wheat breeding, will invest in the construction of a physical map of wheat chromosome 7DL . This project will use the overall approach as described by Paux et al (2008) to carry out the fingerprinting of the 7DL BAC library which was developed by Dr J Dolezel. And the contigs established will be anchored to the wheat genetic map, in order to establish a physical map for this chromosome arm.

A physical map for 7DL has been assembled using FPC from high information content fluorescent (HICF) fingerprints from 43,492 BACs from the 7DL BAC library developed in the lab of J. Dolozel (IEB, Czech Republic) (see CNRGV page ). The map contains 719 contigs (> 5 clones) covering over 100% of the estimated chromosome arm length.