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Sequencing projects

The long-term goal of the IWGSC is to obtain a high quality reference genome sequence of the bread wheat genome cv. Chinese Spring that is anchored to the genetic maps, integrates different data resources and provides automated and manual annotation of genes and genomic features.

In an effort to achieve the long-term goal of a high quality sequence and provide tools and resources to breeders along the way, the IWGSC has established a multi-pronged approach for sequencing projects. This includes:

  • low coverage survey sequencing of all 21 chromosomes with Illumina technology for all sorted chromosomes;
  • low coverage 454 sequencing for some sorted chromosomes and chromosome arms;
  • BAC end sequencing of clones used to construct the individual physical maps; whole genome profile (WGPTM) tag sequencing of minimal tile path (MTP) BACs;
  • BAC by BAC sequencing projects designed to provide high quality sequences of the individual chromosomes.

In December 2015 a whole genome assembly was produced from Illumina short sequence reads using NRGeneā€™s DeNovo MAGICTM software. Following quality assessment the assembly (IWGSC WGA v0.4) was made available in accordance with the Toronto agreement in June 2016 from the IWGSC Sequence Repository at URGI . The whole genome assembly was integrated with physical maps and other chromosome-based sequence resources to generate the first version of the reference sequence ( RefSeq v1.0 ) in January 2017.