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IWGSC Chromosome Survey Sequencing

With partners in 15 countries, the IWGSC produced survey sequences of the 21 individual Chinese Spring chromosomes.

The first goal for the IWGSC has been to obtain high quality sequences of the individual Chinese Spring chromosomes. By mid-2010, physical maps were underway for most chromosomes. To anchor the physical contigs and provide useful sequencing data immediately to the breeding community, the IWGSC launched a short-term initiative to produce a draft, survey sequence of all 21 wheat chromosomes using Illumina technology. Sponsored primarily by Graminor , Biogemma , INRA , and TGAC , this initiative led by Jane Rogers was published in Science in July 2014. For details on the publications, see the press page .

Sequences and assemblies have been deposited in the IWGSC Survey Sequence repository at the Unité de Recherches en Génomique Info ( URGI ) and have since been cited in numerous publications, see the citation page .

A new version of the IWGSC CSS wheat survey sequence (IWGSC CSSv3) has been generated by the incorporation of ca. 185 Gbp of mate pair sequence data produced from libraries ranging in size from 1-40kb from a Chinese Spring + 7EL addition line. The assembly has been produced by A. Sharpe, D. Konkin and C. Pozniak, at the National Research Council Canada and the U. of Saskatchewan, Canada. Access to the new assembly is available to IWGSC members who have signed the general data access agreement which reserves to the data producers the right to the initial global analysis. The new assembly can be found here .

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