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Whole Chromosome Survey Sequencing

With partners in 18 countries, the IWGSC is coordinating the survey sequencing of the 21 individual Chinese Spring chromosomes to derive a potential gene content and a virtual gene order for the genes conserved with other sequenced grass genomes.

The first goal for the IWGSC has been to obtain high quality sequences of the individual Chinese Spring chromosomes. By mid-2010, physical maps were underway for most chromosomes. To anchor the physical contigs and provide useful sequencing data immediately to the breeding community, survey sequences (~1.5-80x) have been achieved using NGS for more than half of the chromosomes. To complete this effort the IWGSC has launched a short-term initiative to provide survey sequences of all 21 wheat chromosomes and to develop a virtual gene order for these chromosomes. Sponsored by Graminor , Biogemma , INRA , and the Institute of Experimental Botany , this initiative led by Jane Rogers ( TGAC ), will build on what is available already and produce survey sequences to assess a large part of the gene content of each of the chromosomes. Comparative genomics and colinearity with other grass genomes will be used to derive a virtual gene order.

Sequences will be deposited in the IWGSC Survey Sequence repository at the Unité de Recherches en Génomique Info ( URGI ). At this time, access to the survey sequences for blasting and download of flanking contigs is available to IWGSC members and nonmembers who agree to abide by the pre-publication data access agreements.

Scientists in individual countries have taken leadership on sequencing (with 454/Illumina) and/or analyzing the survey sequences for individual chromosomes. The following pictoral depicts these leaders.

Survey sequencing with country flags



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