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Wheat Transcript Resources

Deep Triticum aestivum transcriptome sequence data generated by INRA GDEC (L. Pingault, E. Paux) from five wheat tissues are publicly available and available for download at URGI . Data were generated from two RNA-Seq libraries (non-oriented and oriented) and have been used to annotate chromosome 3B and the CSS.

The libraries are described in: Deep transcriptome sequencing provides new insights into the structural and functional organization of the wheat genome. Pingault, L. Choulet, F., Alberti, A., Glover, N., Wincker, P., Feuillet, C., Paux, E. Genome Biology 2015 16:29. DOI:10.1186/s13059-015-0601-9

Other transcript data available at URGI include:

  • RNA-Seq meiosis data (4 conditions in duplicate) deposited by P. Sourdille and P. Leroy
  • URGI also provides links to WheatEXP (UC Davis) and to the Wheat Expression Browser (JIC) which enables querying and visualization of gene expression data collected from polyploid wheat at different developmental stages and subjected to different biological conditions.