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1AS physical map

Targeted chromosomes

Click on a chromosome to access associated data (when available) at URGI Sequences Repository.

Project team

First nameLast nameEmailInstitutionCountry
James Breen jbreenSPAMFILTER@access.uzh.ch University of Zurich Switzerland
Thomas Wicker wickerSPAMFILTER@botinst.uzh.ch University of Zurich Switzerland

Project collaborators

First nameLast nameEmailInstitutionCountry
Wolfgang Spielmeyer Wolfgang.SpielmeyerSPAMFILTER@csiro.au CSIRO Australia

Project funding

"This project is funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/ 2007-2013) under the grant agreement n°FP7-212019”


Under this project, the physical map for the short arm of bread wheat chromosome 1A was completed. All resources related to chromosome 1A can be found by clicking on the chromosome above. In addition, the physical map can be accessed here .


  • Breen J, Wicker T, Shatalina M, Frenkel Z, Bertin I, et al. (2013) A Physical Map of the Short Arm of Wheat Chromosome 1A. PLoS ONE 8(11): e80272. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0080272