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4 July 2018 update: All IWGSC reference sequence resources now publicly available at URGI - For more details about the resources available, read the announcement here

While scientists may freely publish using the IWGSC data, we do request that the source of the data be properly acknowledged.

The IWGSC is developing a variety of tools and resources that are available first to members of the coordinating committee, second to general members of the consortium, and subsequently to the entire scientific community. On behalf of the IWGSC, a central repository f or access to physical map data and sequences has been established by the URGI (France). Early, pre-publication access is provided to coordinating committee and individual scientists who agree to the data access statement. While scientists who agree to abide by the data access agreement will be able to BLAST the data in advance of publication, Coordinating Committee members and active members of their group will also be permitted to download the data. Data will be made available to the public upon publication, upon deposition into the public archives, or within one-year from the conclusion of the data generation. The IWGSC reserves the right to publish the first global analyses including:

  • Whole chromosome or whole genome level analyses on genes, gene families, repetitive sequences; and
  • Comparative analyses with other organisms.