7 December 2021 - Curio Genomics joins the IWGSC

The IWGSC is pleased to announce that the bioinformatics company Curio Genomics has joined the organization as a sponsoring partner.

Curio Genomics provides a fully integrated, modern big data platform explicitly designed to rapidly and seamlessly analyze large and complex plant genomes, such as wheat. The Curio® platform is biologist-friendly, providing dynamic real-time data visualizations that empower researchers to ask more questions, leading to faster discovery.

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The IWGSC at PAG 2022 - Virtual Event

Saturday 8 January: IWGSC Main workshop

Tuesday 11 January 2022: From Structural to Functional Wheat Genomics Workshop

  • 1:30 to 3:40 pm Pacific Time
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Ellie Taagen, PhD candidate at Cornell University (USA), was awarded the 2022 IWGSC and Catherine Feuillet Early Career Award. She will present a talk during the IWGSC main workshop at the Plant & Animal Genome Conference XXIX (PAG) in January 2022

Ellie's research is broadly focused on the biological constraints of meiotic recombination in a plant breeding context and aims to improve causal variant and prediction-based breeding decisions.

Read her profile and interview here


An interview of Rudi Appels by Stephen Baenziger

Well known in the IWGSC as he has been at the heart and soul of the consortium since its inception in 2005, Rudi Appels is Honorary Professor at the University of Melbourne and Research Fellow at AgriBio (Latrobe University), both in Melbourne, Australia.

“I have often been asked what the secrets are to our success and one of those is having leaders who are not merely interested in advancing their own career but interested in achieving a broader vision. Rudi epitomizes this kind of leader,” said Kellye Eversole, Executive Director of the IWGSC.

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RAGT has supported the IWGSC since 2009. We are very grateful for their continuous support and are pleased to count this farmer-founded, innovative seed company as our sponsor. RAGT has been a strong voice for breeders within the IWGSC and for ensuring that the genomic resources we develop are immediately translatable to wheat breeding programs. It has been very important for the IWGSC to have companies, such as RAGT, involved in designing our goals, objectives, and strategies.

Read the interview with John Baison, RAGT representative in the IWGSC Coordinating Committee, and Chris Burt, IWGSC Board member.

Science cover_17Aug2018

On 17 August 2018, the IWGSC published in the international journal Science a detailed description and an analysis of the reference sequence of the bread wheat genome, the world’s most widely cultivated crop.

This work will pave the way for the production of wheat varieties better adapted to climate challenges, with higher yields, enhanced nutritional quality and improved sustainability.

The research article – authored by more than 200 scientists from 73 research institutions in 20 countries – presents the DNA sequence of the bread wheat variety Chinese Spring ordered along the 21 wheat chromosomes. It is the highest quality genome sequence produced to date for wheat.

Read the IWGSC press release and the information package about the publication (Q&A, quotes, media kit, and more).

Watch this explainer video and this interview video to learn more about the IWGSC reference sequence of bread wheat.


27 April 2021 - IWGSC RefSeq v2.1 Assembly and Annotation now freely available at URGI

Version 2.1 of the reference sequence of bread wheat, IWGSC RefSeq v2.1, and IWGSC Annotation v2.1 are now available at the IWGSC data repository hosted by URGI-INRAE


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