2015/10 - Seed World

2015/10 - More Money Needed for Sequencing Wheat Genome

The October 2015 issue of Seed World featured an article about the IWGSC, highlighting its achievements and making the case for more funding to be fund to finish the reference sequencing of bread wheat.


"Sequencing the wheat genome has long been considered an insurmountable challenge. World demographics, however, have left society with no choice — wheat production must increase to feed a growing planet. Improving average wheat yields has become a major objective with genome sequencing as its prerequisite. Last year, the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) unveiled the first draft sequence of the bread wheat genome. A complete reference sequence that will pave the way to improved wheat varieties could be achieved by 2018" [...]

"International research laboratories and seed companies have been instrumental in achieving IWGSC milestones. The wheat genome sequencing project is an example of a successful and sustainable public-private partnership with clear and consistent objectives designed to produce resources for breeders and, ultimately, growers" [...]

"Seed companies and grower organizations have been involved in the consortium since its establishment. An essential aspect of their contribution is to provide input on strategic orientations. For example, their input was critical at the beginning as it was necessary to decide which wheat variety should be sequenced. Bread wheat was selected as that is the variety grown by 95 percent of the farmers." 

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Publication date: 29 July 2021 | By: ic