Reference Sequence of Chromosome 3B

Reference Sequence of Chromosome 3B

The first reference sequence for the largest wheat chromosome, 3B, was published in Science in July 2014 - in the same special issue were the draft sequence was published. This major achievement established a proof of concept and a template for sequencing the remaining chromosomes.


Choulet et a. (2014). Structural and functional partitioning of bread wheat chromosome 3B. Science, 345(6194), 1249721.


We produced a reference sequence of the 1-gigabase chromosome 3B of hexaploid bread wheat. By sequencing 8452 bacterial artificial chromosomes in pools, we assembled a sequence of 774 megabases carrying 5326 protein-coding genes, 1938 pseudogenes, and 85% of transposable elements. The distribution of structural and functional features along the chromosome revealed partitioning correlated with meiotic recombination. Comparative analyses indicated high wheat-specific inter- and intrachromosomal gene duplication activities that are potential sources of variability for adaption. In addition to providing a better understanding of the organization, function, and evolution of a large and polyploid genome, the availability of a high-quality sequence anchored to genetic maps will accelerate the identification of genes underlying important agronomic traits.

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